Screenshot from the film "Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power."
Screenshot from the film "Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power."

Judicial sanctity; The dark side of DEI; Thanks, Barbara Lee

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Wrecking judicial sanctity

I am responding to the letter from Dave Harris, “Israel needs judicial reform” (March 29). It is rather incredible that a law that would override decisions by the Israeli Supreme Court, based on a majority vote by the ruling coalition, could be so close to becoming reality.

Israeli reservists are threatening not to serve. Thousands are protesting.

This is all very troubling to watch, and as an American Jew — one who has never criticized Israel in any open forum — I cannot hold back from condemning this naked attempt to undermine the sanctity of an independent judiciary, an essential check and balance for the survival of a democracy.

This just seems so transparent: an authoritarian seizing power (again) and attempting to undermine democracy and justice to save himself from corruption charges and potential conviction.

This potential law is a slap in the face to Israel’s prized democracy and falls way below its ideals as a nation.

The prime minister threatens to contaminate the independence of the judiciary that is essential for fairness and the rule of law. Thousands upon thousands of Israelis see through this autocratic attempt to undermine their democracy.

Bruce Farrell Rosen
San Francisco

‘The very dark side of DEI’

What an absolutely eye-opening expose, for Jews and fair-minded Americans (“Did standing up for Jewish students cost a Black faculty member her job at De Anza College?” online, April 19).

It presented a real-life peek into the very dark side of DEI, or diversity, equity and inclusion.

The degree of animus directed at Tabia Lee by administration and fellow faculty was simply appalling. So, too, total official inaction against student government stifling of Jewish concerns, and repeated anti-Israel machinations.

Lee’s valiant attempts at treating all students equally, while seeking mediation rather than confrontation on “microaggressions,” were treated as “macroaggressive.”

That she could be fired by DeAnza College for that will long stand as a very black mark on that college’s reputation.

Richard D. Wilkins
Syracuse, New York

Barbara Lee, thanks from me

Rep. Barbara Lee should be thanked for opposing antisemitism and for resisting members of the Democratic caucus who are in favor of the BDS movement that wants to isolate Israel (“East Bay’s Rep. Barbara Lee touts support of Israel amid Senate bid,” online, April 21).

It can’t be easy for her to resist her own colleagues. Lee should also be thanked for steadfastly supporting a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians.

But if she wants to make headway, she will have to acknowledge that six times Israel, with the support of the U.S., offered comprehensive land-for-peace deals to the Palestinians, and six times the Palestinians rejected the offers, not once putting a counteroffer on the table.

The most generous offer of all, that from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and supported by George W. Bush, was not even acknowledged.

The only way a two-state solution can be achieved is for public figures like Barbara Lee to hold the Palestinians to account for refusing to negotiate.

Larry Shapiro
Calgary, Alberta

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