Screenshot of Thor Kill's now-deleted LinkedIn account
Screenshot of Thor Kill's now-deleted LinkedIn account

Thor Kill, S.F. resident linked to Nazi posts, out on probation after ammo conviction

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A San Francisco resident linked to pro-Nazi and pro-shooter social media posts has been convicted of felony possession of “thousands of rounds of live ammunition and explosives.”

Thor Kill, 45, was released and is now on probation. The conviction carried a two-year sentence, but Kill was credited with time served, San Francisco DA spokesperson Randy Quezada confirmed to J.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins announced the conviction on May 12. The announcement, which referred to Kill with she/her pronouns, said Kill had been convicted of a misdemeanor in 2012 and banned from owning firearms or ammunition for 10 years. After an April 27, 2021, police search turned up a large stockpile in Kill’s SoMa storage unit on Folsom Street, Kill was arrested and had been held in custody since.

Social media profiles under the names “Thor Kill” and “Thor Killu” present an individual deeply fascinated with firearms and  a disturbing affinity for mass shootings. They also show Nazi imagery.

On LinkedIn, a profile under the name “Thor Kill” stated, “GOD fearing men are the infantry of the reich.” The account has been removed.

A photo from the “thor killu” Instagram account.

In Facebook and Instagram profiles, which show a photo that matches the LinkedIn photo, accounts under the name “Thor Killu” show what appears to be a white, middle-age man in front of a lamp post decorated with swastikas.

The Instagram account has photos of firearms and a rioter in the U.S. Capitol. The Facebook page makes multiple mentions of mass shootings.

A reposted news item about the March 22, 2021 shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, that killed 10 included: “Thor Killu is feeling happy.” There are also multiple images referring to the Marvel comic book character “The Punisher,” which has been appropriated by white nationalists and other extremists.

According to the DA’s office, a search warrant for Kill’s residence and a storage unit found “multiple crates and boxes containing thousands of rounds of live ammunition, 87 firearm magazines, 125 pounds of explosive powder, tens of thousands of components used to make ammunition (including bags of bullets, tens of thousands of primers, and thousands of cartridge casings), and ammunition manufacturing equipment.” The San Francisco Standard also reported a search revealed firearm- and bomb-making materials, body armor and Nazi armbands.

“I am so grateful to the jury for their service and for the care they took in reaching this decision,” said Assistant DA Rebecca Friedemann Zhong, who prosecuted the case, in a press release. “Their verdict holds Ms. Kill accountable for actions that put the public’s safety at risk.”