A 1961 Israeli postal stamp depicting Libra, the sign of the month of Tishrei. (Photo/Flickr-Karen Horton CC BY-NC 2.0)
A 1961 Israeli postal stamp depicting Libra, the sign of the month of Tishrei. (Photo/Flickr-Karen Horton CC BY-NC 2.0)

Horoscopes for the New Year: How can you grow in 5784?

Tishrei 5784

Sept. 16-Oct. 14

In the cycle of sacred time, our new Jewish year is 5784. In Hebrew numerology, 5784 is spelled out tav-shin-pei-dalet, making this a Dalet ( ד) Year. Following the generous benevolence of 5783’s Jupiter/Tzedek-ruled Gimel Year, the Mars/Ma’adim ruled Dalet Year is the recipient of all the energy, resources and attention you’ve given in the past year. Dalet also stands for delet, (door and da’at (knowledge). The Dalet Year of the Pei (mouth) Decade symbolizes the mouth as a door of knowledge.

Retrograde Mercury/Kochav, the planet of communication, thought and intellect, stations direct in analytical Virgo/Betulah on Erev Rosh Hashanah, beginning with the annulment of vows. Conscious acknowledgement prevents repeating mistakes. Venus/Noga in Leo/Aryeh squares Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus/Shor on the first day of Rosh Hashanah. There’s no teshuvah without seeking forgiveness from those we’ve wronged.

Tekufah Tishrei, the Autumnal Equinox, marks the Sun’s entrance into Libra/Moznayim on Sept. 22. Mars opposes Wounded Healer Chiron in brave Aries/Taleh on Erev Yom Kippur, and Mercury trines Retrograde Jupiter on Yom Kippur Day. These High Holidays — or Days of Awe — can be truly awesome days if you have the courage to confront yourself and the humility to mourn your losses.

Those tears reap a harvest of joy, as the Psalmist tells us, at the Full Moon in Aries/Taleh Sept. 29, Erev Sukkot, with Venus square and Mercury trine Uranus/Oron on the first day of Sukkot.  The startling, electrifying feeling of being alive is enhanced when Mars squares Pluto and Venus enters Virgo on Simchat Torah. Even if you’re only able to tap your feet, this vitality can invigorate all you do, if you will let it! Intensity reigns when powerful Pluto stations direct Oct. 10, and Mars enters Scorpio/Akrav Oct. 11.

The door of the Dalet Year is open to da’at, Divine Wisdom. Let that intensity empower you to walk through the door!

Aries / Taleh

5784’s growth opportunity for Aries is learning to be yourself in couplehood. The risk/reward ratio is in your favor when it comes to sharing your vulnerability when Mars/Ma’adim opposes Chiron on Sept. 24 — Erev Yom Kippur. The North Lunar Node in Aries trines Venus/Noga in Leo/Aryeh and opposes Mars in Libra/Moznayim Oct. 3-5. You are being spiritually supported now, empowered to make those fundamental positive changes you’ve been working on. Diplomacy beats bullying when Mars squares Pluto on Simchat Torah. Mars enters Scorpio/Akrav Oct. 11, and trines Saturn/Shabbatai Oct. 13. Self-control becomes not just a duty, but a pleasure.

Taurus / Shor

5784’s growth opportunity for Taurus is courageously facing your deepest fears, many of which center around feelings of external destabilization. Venus/Noga in Leo/Aryeh squares retrograde Jupiter/Tzedek in Taurus Sept. 16 — Rosh Hashanah. Call to mind and reaffirm your most precious values and the qualities which make you unique. Forgive yourself and others when Venus trines Chiron Sept. 23 — Shabbat Shuvah. Venus squares Uranus/Oron in Taurus Sept. 29 — Erev Sukkot — with Full Moon in Aries/Taleh. Be bold and claim what belongs to you. Venus enters Virgo/Betulah Oct. 8 and opposes Saturn/Shabbatai Oct. 9. Details matter.

Gemini / T’omim

5784’s growth opportunity for Gemini is redefining what community means to you. You’ve worn many hats, but do all of them still fit well? Mercury/Kochav trines retrograde Jupiter/Tzedek on Yom Kippur, empowering your Vidui (Yom Kippur confessional prayer) to uncover the deepest recesses of your heart. Where have you been phoning it in, or faking it? New beginnings beckon and your unique originality shines when Mercury trines Uranus/Oron on Erev Sukkot at the Aries/Taleh Full Moon. Jettison all things insincere and superficial when Mercury opposes Neptune/Rahav and trines Pluto Oct. 2-3. Mercury enters Libra/Moznayim Oct. 4, reinvigorating your creative process. Try something new.

Cancer / Sartan

5784’s growth opportunity for Cancer is claiming an important leadership role. First Quarter Moon at the very last degree of Sagittarius/Keshet on the Autumnal Equinox, Tekufah Tishrei, demonstrates that independence does not equal loneliness. The Full Aries/Taleh Moon on Erev Sukkot showcases your innate organizational authority. The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer on Hoshanah Rabbah has you tying up loose ends, literally and figuratively. Who are you in your ancestral lineup? The Annular Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Libra/Moznayim Oct. 14 brings a balanced perspective to an old family story. Your actions now become treasured memories later.

Leo / Aryeh

5784’s growth opportunity for Leo is realigning your spiritual priorities to fit your present reality. It’s not that you’re bored — it’s that you’re not being challenged. The Last Quarter Moon at the final degree of Sagittarius/Keshet only a few hours before the Sun enters Libra/Moznayim at the Autumnal Equinox, Tekufah Tishrei, facilitates raw honesty. Seeing things differently is a mark of growth; acting differently in the context of your new understanding is an act of courage. Share your vulnerabilities with faithful friends when the Sun opposes Chiron Oct. 10. A big emotional breakthrough builds bridges of intimacy and trust.

Virgo / Betulah

5784’s growth opportunity for Virgo is developing trust in intimate relationships. Mercury/Kochav in Virgo trines retrograde Jupiter/Tzedek in Taurus/Shor on Yom Kippur. To be true to another, you must be true to yourself. The trine of Mercury to Uranus/Oron on Erev Sukkot inspires originality. Mercury opposes Neptune/Rahav and trines Pluto Oct. 2-3, before entering Libra/Moznayim Oct. 4. The entire Chol Hamoed period is fruitful for healing communications with those you want to be closer to, but who you’ve been avoiding. The great relief of honestly unburdening yourself lifts you higher when Venus/Noga enters Virgo on Simchat Torah.

Libra / Moznayim

5784’s growth opportunity for Libra is bravely venturing beyond your comfort zone. Venus/Noga squares retrograde Jupiter/Tzedek on Rosh Hashanah, and the Sun enters Libra at the Autumnal Equinox, Tekufah Tishrei. New beginnings must first pass through old territory. Demonstrate change by doing differently when old patterns arise on Shabbat Shuvah. Be true to yourself when Venus squares Uranus/Oron on Erev Sukkot, with the Full Moon in Aries/Taleh. You owe yourself authenticity! Momentum increases when Venus enters Virgo/Betulah and opposes Saturn/Shabbatai Oct. 8-9. The Annular Solar Eclipse at the Libra New Moon on Shabbat Bereshit opens your eyes to a hidden truth.

Scorpio / Akrav

5784’s growth opportunity for Scorpio is to take responsibility for all aspects of your health: body, mind, soul and spirit. The deepest depths of teshuvah are possible when Mars/Ma’adim opposes Chiron on Erev Yom Kippur. Mercury/Kochav trines Pluto Oct. 3, empowering healing words of forgiveness and acceptance which go a long way. If you fearlessly face your fundamental, personal truth when Mars squares Pluto on Simchat Torah, you’ll free yourself and find joy. Your vitality is renewed when Pluto stations direct Oct. 10 and Mars enters Scorpio Oct. 11. The trine of Mars to Saturn/Shabbatai Oct. 13 reenergizes your heart’s desires.

Sagittarius / Keshet

5784’s growth opportunity for Sagittarius is learning that love takes innumerable forms. Start by accepting yourself just as you are right now when Venus/Noga squares retrograde Jupiter/Tzedek on Rosh Hashanah. The First Quarter Moon at the final degree of Sagittarius on the Autumnal Equinox, Tekufah Tishrei, reveals an uncomfortable truth: Your perennial quest for personal freedom may just be disguising a fear of emotional intimacy. Your restless nature wants to roam; do you fear you’ve already galloped past your best chance? Meticulous self-examination on Yom Kippur, with Mercury/Kochav trine Jupiter, results in renewed courage and a newly open heart.

Capricorn / Gidi

5784’s growth opportunity for Capricorn is radically expanding what “home” and “family” mean to you. This begins during Shabbat Shuvah’s Moon in Capricorn. It’s said that during the Messianic Era, the Temple Mount will fill all Jerusalem, Jerusalem will fill all Israel and Israel will fill the world. This is an analogy of what is being asked of you when Venus/Noga opposes Saturn/Shabbatai Oct. 9. You can inaugurate your own personal Messianic Era by opening your heart, your home, and your hand to those God has brought into your life. Mars/Ma’adim trines Saturn Oct. 13, empowering you to do just that.

Aquarius / D’li

5784’s growth opportunity for Aquarius is learning to lead by serving others. Pluto’s powerful transformational energy spends the year dancing around your cusp before fully entering Aquarius — for the next 20 years! — at the end of 2024. You’re revving your engines and itching to take off, but first a word from our sponsor: personal integrity! Consciously internalize how your personal values impact your public life. No room for any trace of hypocrisy when Venus/Noga squares and Mercury/Kochav trines Uranus/Oron on Sukkot at the Full Moon in Aries/Taleh. Your community is counting on you. All the cards are on the table!

Pisces / Dagim

5784’s growth opportunity for Pisces is facing your personal Asiyah, the World of Action, with courage and creativity. The power of Pisces’ mutable water sign is the transformation which happens as easily as a swimming fish changing direction. Your High Holidays are literally an open door. Venus/Noga squares retrograde Jupiter/Tzedek on Rosh Hashanah, and Mercury/Kochav trines Jupiter on Yom Kippur. All the conditions are right to turn this way or that, to rectify the road not taken. All that wander are not lost when Mercury opposes Neptune/Rahav on Oct. 2. Trust that when the clouds part, the incomprehensible becomes clear.

Lorelai Kude
Lorelai Kude

Lorelai Kude began her career as a professional astrologer in the 1980s. She holds a BA in Journalism from San Francisco State University and a MA in Jewish Studies from Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union, where her thesis topic was astrology in Jewish cultural history. Find more of her work at astrolojew.com.