Protesters in the rotunda of the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building in Oakland wear T-shirts reading "Cease Fire Now," "Jews for a Cease Fire" and "Not in Our Name," Nov. 13, 2023. (Photo/Courtesy-JVP)
Protesters in the rotunda of the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building in Oakland wear T-shirts reading "Cease Fire Now," "Jews for a Cease Fire" and "Not in Our Name," Nov. 13, 2023. (Photo/Courtesy-JVP)

JVP calls for cease-fire are calls to ‘save Hamas’ so they can attack again

The level of cruelty that took place during the Oct. 7 massacre by Hamas was, and still is, incomprehensible. “Sheer evil,” said President Joe Biden when faced with photos of the horrors committed by Hamas in the communities of southern Israel.

People around the world were shocked to their core by the largest massacre of Jewish people in a single day since the Holocaust, and we have seen an outpouring of support for the right of Israel to defend itself and its citizens. Israelis have never been more united.

But there is one particular voice that stands out to me, a cluster of American Jews who during this moment — the most difficult time the Jewish people have experienced in the last 75 years — are demonstrating alongside groups that chant “from the river to the sea,” calling for the eradication of Israel.

It is beyond belief that Jewish Voice for Peace, the anti-Zionist group founded in the Bay Area, has members around the country protesting against Israel while their Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel fight for their lives. Anyone joining in JVP’s shout of “cease-fire now” is really saying “save Hamas,” demanding that Israel give up this war so that the terrorists are free to attack again and again.

The Oct. 7 massacre did not take place in the so-called “occupied territories” that JVP claims to defend, but in Jewish communities within the internationally recognized borders of Israel. Those who slaughtered Jews on the Sabbath, during the holiday of Simchat Torah, did not seek peace; they wanted to murder Jews simply because they were Jews. They would have been more than happy to slaughter members of Jewish Voice for Peace should they have happened to be there.

Despite JVP’s actions being disproportionately amplified by some media, these people represent just a fraction of American Jews. They wrap themselves in tallitot while betraying their Jewish brethren, choosing not to identify or sympathize with their own brothers and sisters during one of the deadliest events in recent Jewish history.

JVP works with organizations such as the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, which states in no uncertain terms that it places the entirety of the blame for the current war on Israel. By doing so, JVP becomes not a voice for peace, but a voice for terrorism. And tragically, it demonstrates a clear disregard for the Jewish lives that were taken on Oct. 7, in the most violent and horrific of manners.

“Not in our name,” JVP shouts. Exactly. Not in their name, but in ours: the name of those struggling to survive. We are fighting for our home and for our freedom, to live in our ancestral homeland, to protect our families, and to raise our children in safety.

Our message to JVP is this: Stop the protests and return to your homes. Unlike the people of Israel, no rocket warning siren will disturb your sleep tonight.

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Marco Sermonetta
Marco Sermoneta

Marco Sermoneta is the San Francisco–based consul general of the State of Israel to the Pacific Northwest.