A 1690 illustration of the constellation Taurus, this Hebrew month's ruling sign, by Johannes Hevelius.
A 1690 illustration of the constellation Taurus, this Hebrew month's ruling sign, by Johannes Hevelius.

A month of healing — just what we need

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Iyar 5784

May 8-June 6, 2024

Healing is the special power of the new Jewish month of Iyar, which begins tonight at sundown. The word Iyar (אייר) is a “roshei teivos” (first letter acronym) of “אני יי רופאך,” which means “I am God, your healer.” Iyar’s healing power is connected to a special light contained within the month, which was originally called “ziv”, or lustrous brightness. A hint about this special light is found in Malachi 3:20, where it is written: “But for you who are awed by My Name, a sun of righteousness shall rise to bring healing in its wings.”

The Sun conjuncts Uranus/Oron, and Venus/Noga, the planetary ruler of Iyar, sextiles Saturn/Shabbatai on May 13, the day that Mercury/Kochav returns to the original degree of his retrograde. Powerful disagreements over the language of conflict emerge when Mercury squares Pluto May 17.

May 22-25 is an important turning point: The Sun trines Pluto, Venus conjuncts Jupiter/Tzedek and sextiles Neptune/Rahav. There’s a great jump from the slow and steady Taurus/Shor energy as both Venus and Jupiter enter restless, curious, inquisitive, and communicative Gemini/T’omim. Suddenly things are moving very quickly, and powerful changes are afoot.

We all need mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing right now. May the lustrous light of Iyar heal the hurt of our people! “Heal me O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me and I shall be saved, for You are my praise” (Jeremiah 17:14).

Aries / Taleh

You’ve been brave, assertive, and bold on behalf of others, but have you taken care of your business? Iyar’s healing power centers on your personal material world. Perhaps you’ve been careless and overlooked important responsibilities while you’ve been so busy fighting for what’s right. Planetary ruler Mars/Ma’adim in his home sign of Aries conjuncts “Wounded Healer” Chiron May 29, revealing private vulnerabilities. Heroic deeds are not your only currency. The tender compassion you’ve developed through supporting those who need your help is worth more than gold. Display your strength through wisdom at the Full Moon in Sagittarius/Keshet May 23.

Taurus / Shor

Iyar’s healing power is activated by planetary ruler Venus/Noga, in the area of your self-image. Venus in her home Earth Sign of Taurus sextiles Saturn/Shabbatai in Pisces/Dagim May 13. This supportive aspect reflects your desire to meld comfort with practicality, and this applies to everything. Redefining your comfort zone and enlarging your worldly footprint is the result of a year’s worth of Jupiter/Tzedek transiting through Taurus; the May 23 conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, sextiling Neptune/Rahav at the Full Moon in Sagittarius/Keshet is the cherry on the cake of expansion. Your powers peak on Shabbos Behar, with Venus trine Pluto.

Gemini / T’omim

Iyar’s healing power is activated via your dreams. Powerful self-awareness lurks beneath your subconscious and knows how to get your attention. Information starts surfacing May 20 when the Sun enters Gemini; Mercury/Kochav sextiles Saturn/Shabbatai May 27, providing structure for your multi-modality ideas. The fertility of creative chaos comes May 30, when Mercury conjuncts Uranus/Oron at the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces/Dagim. Once you start putting all the puzzle pieces together, nothing can stop you. Prepare to blast off June 3-5 when Mercury enters Gemini, trines Pluto, and conjuncts Jupiter/Tzedek. The New Moon in Gemini June 6 lights the fuse!

Cancer / Sartan

Iyar’s healing power is activated through your collective and community affiliations. The First Quarter Moon in Leo/Aryeh May 15 reminds you how much you value your friends! It is safe to come out of your proverbial crab shell to the secure embrace of those who have always had your back. You’ll feel loose and looney in a lovely sort of way at the Full Moon in Sagittarius/Keshet May 23, with Venus/Noga conjunct Jupiter/Tzedek, and both trine to Neptune/Rahav. Laughter’s healing power works magic at the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces/Dagim May 30. Welcome the Gemini/T’omim New Moon June 6.

Leo / Aryeh

Iyar’s healing power shines on your career and vocation. You emerge as the unique problem-solver when the Sun conjuncts Uranus/Oron May 13; the First Quarter Moon in Leo May 15 brings accolades, but are they accompanied by proportional rewards? The sextile of Neptune/Rahav to the Sun on May 19 tempts you to sacrifice personal credit for the greater good of the team. The Sun enters Gemini/T’omim May 20 and that means change is inevitable. Friends and allies support your power moves May 22 when the Sun trines Pluto. Don’t let sparkly, shiny things distract you when the Sun conjuncts Venus/Noga June 4!

Virgo / Betulah

Iyar brings healing to your relationship with your spiritual communities. Unaligned feelings find a new voice when Mercury/Kochav enters Taurus/Shor May 15 at First Quarter Moon in Leo/Aryeh. Speak truth to power May 17 when Mercury squares Pluto. Confidence grows when the Sun enters Gemini/T’omim May 20, and Mercury sextiles Saturn/Shabbatai May 27. If your very real feelings are being dismissed, confront the gaslighters May 30 when Mercury conjuncts Uranus/Oron, at the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces/Dagim. Reclaim your spiritual and social independence when Mercury enters Gemini, trines Pluto, conjuncts Jupiter/Tzedek, and the New Moon in Gemini June 3-6.

Libra / Moznayim

The healing light of Iyar illuminates your shared values, resources and intimacies. You’re a natural-born sharer, but you abhor non-reciprocity. It’s time to measure what you’re giving vs. what you’re receiving when Venus/Noga sextiles Saturn/Shabbatai May 13. The big event for you this month is the conjunction of Venus to Jupiter/Tzedek, which sextiles Neptune/Rahav before moving into Gemini/T’omim on May 23, with the Full Moon in Sagittarius/Keshet. It’s such an overload of high ideals, you may not be able to digest the whole thing all at once! Charisma is your not-so-secret power when Venus trines Pluto on Shabbos Behar.

Scorpio / Akrav

Iyar’s healing light shines on power struggles within your partnership relationships, stemming from your fears of losing control. Mercury/Kochav squares Pluto May 17; can you resist the urge to dominate? The more you trust, the more you free yourself from hyper-vigilance. Demonstrate that trust when the Sun trines Pluto May 22, and Venus/Noga trines Pluto on Shabbos Behar. Mars/Ma’adim conjuncts Chiron May 29, heightening your awareness of everyone’s vulnerabilities including your own. Jupiter/Tzedek trine Pluto June 2, supersizing your already jumbo-sized intensity. A second chance to say and do the right thing comes June 3 when Mercury trines Pluto.

Sagittarius / Keshet

Iyar’s healing light shines on your healthful mind-body connection. You think your body’s job is to simply serve you — until it doesn’t! Banish negativity at the Full Moon in Sagittarius May 23, with Venus/Noga conjuncts Jupiter/Tzedek and both sextile Neptune/Rahav. Remember that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made”! Planetary ruler Jupiter enters your solar opposite Gemini/T’omim on Shabbos Behar, where he’ll be transiting through June 2025. You’re on a journey back to the new and improved version of your true self. Jupiter trines Pluto on June 2, and conjuncts Mercury/Kochav June 4. Don’t settle for less than everything!

Capricorn / Gidi

Iyar’s healing light activates your creative powers. Venus/Noga sextiles your planetary ruler Saturn/Shabbatai on May 13. It’s time to make something! Make a song, a poem, a collage, a baby, or love — just make it beautiful, true, and worthy. This is your time to bloom. Mercury/Kochav sextiles Saturn May 27, helping you find your original voice. There’s nothing trivial or time-wasting about creative play. It nourishes innovation and feeds the productive, prolific, visionary parts of the heart and soul. To use a true Capricorn analogy, it would be irresponsible to allow this rare time of creativity to be wasted.

Aquarius / D’li

Iyar’s healing light shines in the realm of your home and family. Sometimes the overwhelming burden of your uniqueness distances you from your loved ones. The Sun conjunct Uranus/Oron on May 13 is here to heal that disconnected feeling. Venus/Noga sextiles Saturn/Shabbatai on May 13, supporting grace; Mercury/Kochav supports reconciliation with its sextile to Saturn May 27. A great energetic convergence on May 30 when Mercury conjuncts Uranus at the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces/Dagim facilitates forgiveness. Burdens you’ve barely noticed you’re carrying can now be released, and you find yourself surprised at the incredible lightness of just being. Feel relief!

Pisces / Dagim

The healing light of Iyar illuminates the way you relate to your immediate environment. Those in your orbit depend on you. Bring them the healing light of your compassionate, accepting heart and judgment-free friendship on May 16 when the Sun sextiles Neptune/Rahav. A rollicking good time can be had by all May 23, as long as there’s a designated driver (and that driver isn’t you), when Venus/Noga and Jupiter/Tzedek sextile Neptune, at the Full Moon in Sagittarius/Keshet. Set positive intentions for the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces May 30; pitch your powerful dreams when Mercury/Kochav sextiles Neptune June 2.

Lorelai Kude
Lorelai Kude

Lorelai Kude began her career as a professional astrologer in the 1980s. She holds a BA in Journalism from San Francisco State University and a MA in Jewish Studies from Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union, where her thesis topic was astrology in Jewish cultural history. Find more of her work at astrolojew.com.