Bay Area

18 Doors

A premier resource for interfaith couples exploring Jewish life, providing in-depth, easy-to-access resources that empower couples to make Jewish choices and help their families embrace the choices they make.   Local resources include workshops and classes for interfaith couples and families, as well as training programs and guidance for professionals and lay people who work with them. Online resources include guides for lifecycle events, articles, and essays and discussions about the unique issues interfaith families face.

Provides resources for connecting with clergy, synagogues and other Jewish organizations, and information on events throughout the Bay Area for interfaith couples. Believes that maximizing the number of interfaith families who find fulfillment in Jewish life and raise their children as Jews is essential to the future strength and vitality of the Jewish community. Through the website and local programming, this organization connects interfaith families to each other and to the local Jewish community, and also advocates for inclusive attitudes, policies and practices.