San Francisco

Jewish Vocational Service (JVS)

JVS Headquarters 1 Post St. FL 7 San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 391-3600 Fax: (415) 391-3617 [email protected]
CEO Lisa Countryman-Quiroz

Training programs help job seekers access living wage jobs in growing industries such as technology, utilities and health care.

In the technology field, programs train adults in core skills for bookkeeping, data analysis, IT support and sales force administration.

The utilities  programs provide job seekers with skills for a range of industries, including automotive and water/wastewater management, offering pre-apprenticeships and paid internships.

Health-care programs provide training for secure jobs as administrative assistants, caregivers, nurses and non-clinical staff.

The two-week Job Search Accelerator teaches  job search and networking tactics needed to re-enter the workforce.