San Francisco

Jewish Vocational Service (JVS)

Jewish Vocational Service 225 Bush St., Suite 400 San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 391-3600 [email protected]
CEO Lisa Countryman-Quiroz

These training programs help job seekers build in-demand skills, make connections, and access living wage jobs in growing industries such as technology, utilities, and healthcare. Programs include:

  • Technology: Programs train unemployed and underemployed adults in the core skills needed to enter into careers in technology.  Programs include bookkeeping, data analyst training, IT support, salesforce administration and more.
  • Utilities: Programs provide job seekers with in-demand trades skills for a range of industries, including automotive and water/wastewater management. They include pre-apprenticeships and paid internships for qualifying candidates.
  • Healthcare: Programs train job seekers for secure jobs as medical administrative assistants, personal caregivers, nurses  and non-clinical staff with leading Bay Area healthcare institutions. They include paid externships for qualifying candidates.
  • Job Search Accelerator (JSA): This 2-week program teaches job seekers the latest job search and networking tactics needed to reenter the workforce. It is ideal for those returning to work after taking family leave, planning a career pivot, and/or experiencing unemployment or under-employment.