Bay Area

Moishe House

441 Saxony Road Barn 2 Encinitas, CA 92024
(855) 598-5509
Northwest Community Manager Jake House [email protected]

Provides meaningful Jewish experiences for young adults around the world by supporting leaders in their 20s and early 30s as they create vibrant home-based Jewish communities for themselves and their peers.

There are eight Bay Area Moishe Houses and one Moishe Pod (each led by two-five young residents), each with its own distinct personality and community:

Berkeley: [email protected]

Contra Costa: [email protected]

Oakland – Lake Merritt: [email protected]

Oakland – Rockridge: [email protected]

SF – Castro: [email protected]

SF – Dolores: [email protected]

SF – Duboce: [email protected]

SF – Mint Hill Pod: [email protected]

SF – Nob Hill: [email protected]