Northern California

Path With Heart

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Program Manager Amy Fischer Smith
Founder Rabbi Jill Zimmerman [email protected]

A virtual Jewish mindfulness community. Offers innovative and meaningful programs, courses and resources for people exploring their own personal growth within a Jewish framework.

An ongoing spiritual community, Hineni, meets online regularly for learning and Shabbat. The primary focus is how to become and stay present in our lives, and learn to be our best selves. Participants come from all over the world, although many are based in California. The Hineni community offers lay-led Torah study, small chavurah groups, and healing connections.

Since 2011, Path With Heart has helped people cultivate mindfulness from a Jewish perspective. It was founded by Rabbi Jill Zimmerman, who believes that the sacred comes in many forms, and she regularly includes poetry, music and other forms of creativity in her work.

Also offering ebooks that are available on the website: Journey (for the Omer period), Renew, Healing, Grateful, and Return (for Elul). The most popular courses are Journey Through the Omer and Spiritual Preparation for the High Holy Days. Also creating resources and courses that respond to the moment with mindful attention.

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