South Peninsula Hebrew Day School

1030 Astoria Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 738-3060 Fax: (408) 738-0237 [email protected]
Head of School Rabbi Perry Tirschwell [email protected]
Admissions Director Atara Goldberg [email protected]

The school’s philosophy is that children are naturally curious and learn by experimenting, exploring the natural world through hands-on experiences, as well as being exposed to new ideas and cultures. This curriculum integrates Hebrew, Judaic studies and general studies, and educators work to build a strong academic, social and emotional foundation, grounded in Jewish values. Because learning sparks children’s imagination, the teachers deliberately work to create an atmosphere that encourages curiosity and exploration. Small student-to-teacher ratio supports individualized learning and allows teachers to inspire children to find and pursue their passions and talents.

Kindergarten to fifth grade is a time of significant language, intellectual, and social and emotional development in children. It is a time for children to explore and the lower school curriculum fosters intellectual growth through critical thinking, hands-on discovery, and creativity. Here the children learn by doing. Teachers employ their creativity to create a dynamic and ever-evolving hands-on learning lab, providing children with an atmosphere to build skills and confidence.