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Tiyul Jewish Journeys

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Founder and CEO Ariel Goldstein

Specializing in crafting educational tours and Jewish travel experiences throughout the world.

Designs, operates and leads trips to destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Israel, North, South and Central America and the Caribbean for over 10 years.

Traveling can be more than just a vacation. It is the opportunity to experience Judaism in a unique way—to meet local Jews in the countries visited and to learn about their histories and present-day communities and to enjoy Shabbat dinners together. It is the chance to visit synagogues, Jewish schools and Jewish neighborhoods in remote corners of the world.

In some cases it is the opportunity to make a positive difference by helping both Jews and non-Jews in need. Programs focus on visiting Jewish sites and meeting Jewish people, the most important traditional sites are always part of the itinerary and learning about the people and culture of every destination is inherent in these trips.