San Francisco

Ulpan San Francisco

University of San Francisco Swig Program in Jewish Studies and Social Justice 2130 Fulton St. Kalmanovitz Hall, Room 152 San Francisco,, CA 94117
(415) 422-6601 Fax: (415) 422-5356 [email protected]
Director Oren Kroll-Zeldin

Three-week intensive Hebrew language program takes place on the campus of the University of San Francisco. Offers multiple levels of Hebrew instruction in small-class settings to students of all ages. Students thrive within a community of learners while receiving individual attention. Emphasis is placed on conversation, accompanied by reading and writing. Learning experience is enhanced by various teaching aids, such as video, film clips, songs, drama and audio material. Extracurricular activities include guest lecturers, Friday communal lunches, singing, and dancing. Register online.