Australian Jewish leader dies at 85

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He was active in the Jewish community as well, serving four terms as president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and 10 years as president of the Federation of Australian Jewish Welfare Societies. He helped establish the ECAJ, formed to unite diverse lobbying activities conducted by Jewish groups.

Current ECAJ President Isi Leibler described Einfeld as "one of the great leaders of Australian Jewry."

"Syd Einfeld was recognized internationally as one of the world's leading Jewish personalities and served as a role model for Jews not just of his generation, but of all generations to come," Leibler also said.

Immediately after World War II, Einfeld actively campaigned for Australia to accept Jewish immigrants who had survived the Holocaust.

When the Australian government informed him it would accept Holocaust survivors as part of its post-war immigration program, but that no staff was available to process tens of thousands of applications, Einfeld volunteered his services and those of the Jewish community to do the job.