Presidents holiday message: Honor a united Jerusalem

Jerusalem is unique. No other city has survived so many years and yet remained as it was 3,000 years ago — the City of David, the City of Zion and Jerusalem. The Jewish people cannot exist without Jerusalem and Jerusalem cannot exist without the Jewish people.

No other city has made such an important contribution to humanity. From here the prophets taught social justice, direct rule, fraternity and equality among humankind and true peace among nations. From here the message went forth to humankind that there is good, hope and redemption.

It is therefore no wonder that other nations and faiths have turned to and yearned for Jerusalem as well.

The state of Israel is now in the middle of peace negotiations. This is a very difficult and protracted process that brings with it much internal and painful friction.

But we are united in a united Jerusalem. Jerusalem has always been and remains the center of yearning for Jews throughout the world.

Israel has diplomatic relations with more than 150 countries. World leaders visit us regularly, as do important delegations. Our economy is sound and our exports increase yearly. Our high-tech industries are among the most interesting and significant in the world.

At the same time Israel has successfully absorbed half a million new immigrants. Israel is held in high esteem throughout the world and is given honor by all who have come to know her.

During the past year we signed a peace treaty with Jordan. I hope that the peace process will continue, enabling us to sign similar treaties with our other Arab neighbors.

I know that you are troubled and seek answers to many questions, such as the meaning of Zionism today and the continuity of the Jewish people in the diaspora.

The solution is aliyah, for Jews to come and live in Petach Tikva, Rishon Le-zion, Beersheba, Metulla, Yerucham, Nahariya and many other cities in Israel. Together we will overcome our problems.

You were always proud when Israel fought and won her battles. Now Israel is strong and she warrants no less your continued pride and support.

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, I send you and your families my sincere wishes for a year of true peace, health and success.