Family of Rabins confessed killer eyeing movie deal

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JERUSALEM — The family of Yigal Amir, the confessed assassin of Yitzhak Rabin, is reportedly considering selling movie, book and interview rights to his life story.

The family views the potential sales as a way to raise funds for the legal defense of Amir as well as for his brother Hagai, who was also charged as an accomplice in planning Rabin's assassination.

No details were available about the possible deals.

The development comes as Amir's lawyers complained about his treatment in prison and maintained that Amir did not mean to actually kill Rabin.

Mordechai Offri, Amir's attorney, said his client told him recently that he had not intended to kill Rabin when he shot him after a peace rally in Tel Aviv Nov. 4.

But Offri, who is representing Amir with lawyer Jonathan Goldberg, refuses to say what his client's defense case would be.

However, Offri said he could not determine Amir's mental state — leading to speculation that the defense team might claim an insanity defense.

Offri also complained that the Israeli press has treated Amir's family unfairly.

"Their only sin and connection with the murder is that they are related to alleged murderer Yigal Amir, and they definitely had no connection with the act itself," he said.

But the Amir family "are being treated as if they committed the murder," he added. "They cannot go out into the street or live normal lives. They have condemned the murder."