Hezbollah joins Hamas to vow terror against Israel

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"Due to the developments, we call the martyrs' brigade to join their pre-determined posts and we call for general mobilization in the ranks of Hezbollah," Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said on Hezbollah television.

The announcement came Sunday, four days into Israel's air and artillery bombardment of Hezbollah guerillas in Lebanon in an effort to stop the group's Katyusha missile attacks on northern Israel.

Last month, a Hezbollah suicide attacker blew himself up near an Israeli army patrol in south Lebanon, killing a soldier and wounding five.

The radical groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad also vowed to attack Israel, saying Saturday of last week:

"Our heroic suicide attackers will strike deep in the Zionist depth…Let the enemy and its allies know that its crimes and terrorism against our innocent and unarmed people in Lebanon will not pass without punishment."

The Palestinian Authority has condemned the operation against Hezbollah, saying it has killed dozens of innocent people and threatens the peace process.