Katyushas cant keep baby from brit

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KIRYAT SHMONA, Israel — A brit milah (ritual circumcision) ceremony was held in a Kiryat Shmona home Saturday morning, despite Katyusha rocket attacks on the front-line town the day before and the threat of more salvos.

For the proud parents, Anat and Yigal Gerdish, it was a bittersweet moment as their son Shoval underwent the ritual ceremony in the home of Anat's parents.

"I never though for one minute that the brit milah for our son would have to be held while we have been living in bomb shelters," said Yigal.

"Nevertheless, neither the Katyusha rockets nor the tension scare me, that's why we stayed to have the ceremony in Kiryat Shmona."

His wife, however, said she would leave to stay with relatives in Katzrin or Haifa — for the sake of the baby.

"I would prefer to stay here in Kiryat Shmona after the brit, but the situation doesn't allow it. I just hope everything ends peacefully and we can all come back home," she said.

Rabbi Shimon Shoshan performed the circumcision, in the presence of many relatives, neighbors and friends who emerged from bomb shelters for the ceremony.