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BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — Two sergeants in the Argentine army will soon be charged in connection with the July 18, 1994 bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Aid Association, or AMIA, that left 86 dead and 300 wounded.

The two sergeants were arrested in December 1995 along with 10 other soldiers and civilians on charges of selling weapons and explosives on the Argentine black market.

Argentine officials are also compiling a case against two Buenos Aires police officers suspected to have delivered the van used in the car bombing of AMIA, according to media reports here.

Argentina reopens bombing probe

BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — The Argentine Supreme Court has ordered a full re-evaluation of the investigation of the 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy.

Along with plans to recall witnesses and review all the investigative procedures used until now, the court said it would look into conflicting reports on the explosion, which left 29 dead and some 100 wounded.

The court will also look into allegations that the explosives were brought into the embassy disguised as building materials being used to renovate the 70-year-old building.

So far, investigators have assumed that a car bomb was used.

Unofficially, the court said that Iranian terrorists were suspected of carrying out the attack.

Argentina has come under pressure at home and abroad for its inability to solve the embassy blast and the July 18, 1994 bombing of the Jewish community's headquarters in Buenos Aires that left 86 dead and 300 wounded.

Angered Afghani stabs Israeli official

BUDAPEST (JTA) — An Afghani refugee who was angered by Israel's bombing campaign in Lebanon repeatedly stabbed an emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Rabbi Yisrael Taub, who was taken to a local hospital Monday with stab wounds to the head, neck and hands, was later described as in serious but stable condition.

Taub, of Jerusalem, has a wife and five children. He has been in Hungary for nearly a year, serving as the religious director of an Orthodox elementary school.

Another teacher was also wounded in the attack, but was released from the hospital.

Hungarian authorities identified the assailant as Vahab Bashir, who has been living in Hungary under refugee status since 1992.

Hungarian state radio quoted Bashir as saying that he stabbed Taub and the other teacher after hearing news reports on the radio about Israel's bombing campaign in Lebanon.

Israeli envoy catches British cops in sex

LONDON (JTA) — Israel's ambassador to London made headlines in British tabloids last week after exposing two undercover police officers who were having sexual relations behind a screen in a VIP lounge at London's Heathrow Airport.

Ambassador Moshe Raviv had asked his bodyguards to remove the screen after he heard strange sounds coming from behind it.

He had suspected a terrorist attack.

But the sounds turned out to have been made by the amorous officers, whose inhibitions were loosened after they had helped themselves to libations at the lounge's bar.

Raviv subsequently filed a complaint with the Airport Authority.

A spokesman at the Israeli Embassy in London would neither confirm nor deny the incident, saying only that Raviv had been in the airport last week.

Czech Jews reopen Holocaust memorial

PRAGUE (JTA) — The Czech Jewish community marked Holocaust Remembrance Day by reopening a memorial to Czech and Slovak Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

Three hundred people — including representatives from the Israeli, American, German and Austrian embassies — gathered Tuesday at the historic Pinkas Synagogue here to witness the unveiling of a memorial consisting of the names of 80,000 Czechoslovak Jews killed by the Nazis.

Each name, accompanied by a date of birth and death, is inscribed on a wall inside the synagogue, which was founded in 1479.

The memorial first opened in 1959, but was destroyed after the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. The memorial was refurbished for $150,000, a project funded by the local Jewish museum.