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July 29, 1921

The International Order of B'nai B'rith has selected Captain Elkan Voorsanger, son of Emanu-El editor Rabbi Jacob Voorsanger, to direct the War Orphans Bureau and to manage the National Lyceum Bureau.

50 years ago

July 26, 1946

A bomb, allegedly set off in Jerusalem's King David Hotel by a Jewish underground organization called Irgun vai Leumi, kills 93 people, including 14 British senior officers.

25 years ago

July 30, 1971

Israeli Minister of Tourism Moshe Kol warns that Israel might price itself out of the international tourist market because the government has failed so far to give the tourist industry the same assistance provided to other export industries.

10 years ago

August 1, 1986

During his visit to Israel to better relations between Israel and the United States and help the Middle East peace process, U.S. Vice President George Bush urges Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Jordan's King Hussein to meet, despite both men's reservations.