In First Person: Couple escape Nazi Vienna wed in Philly

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I met my besherte in a little resort in Vienna, Austria. She looked very nice but very skinny. I used to joke: "I have to look twice to see her once!"

We started to go steady and once when she visited our home, she asked if she could prepare lunch for my four brothers and a sister, since my parents went away for the weekend. She did a very good job.

In 1938 we wanted to get married, but the Nazis invaded Vienna, and we could not find a rabbi. We tried to leave Vienna, but the American Consulate put quotas on everyone. Those who were born in Vienna and Germany had to wait just a few months, while Polish people had to wait up to one year.

We decided to have an engagement party and my bride left for New York, while I had to escape over the border to a little town in Switzerland. After one year we met in Philadelphia where our cousin prepared a small wedding. After a few months we moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., and started a family. We raised two boys and bought a nice brick house in Brooklyn. When my boys got married, they moved to California and in 1982, we followed them and moved to Palo Alto. Recently we celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary on a cruise to the Bahamas. Abi Gezund.