In First Person: I still feel blessed for our good life

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In introspection there is not much I would fix.

Our lives have been wonderful and exciting.

But we also had our share of fighting.

Abe would get angry and I would agonize.

We'd talk it over and then apologize.

Our first date was a hike from his club at the YMHA.

He got mad and I had a miserable day.

When Abe's mother died he had to quit school at sixteen.

Became prize fighter, went back to school and saw me in between.

My parents had wedding insurance so we had a beautiful affair.

Because of Abe's notoriety we had to have the police there.

We have two intelligent, talented and beautiful daughters who have given us joy.

And also, four wonderful grandchildren, three girls and a boy.

Separately we have had our own interests, hobbies and careers.

We appreciated each other's accomplishments and gave cheers.

Abe was a CPA, worked day and night, went to school and I got some insight.

We traveled and played golf, went horseback riding, loved opera and ballet.

We lived life to the fullest, what more can I say.

When we retired, Abe ran marathons and I was a volunteer.

He won trophies and I received the 1993 Federation Volunteer of the Year.

Now time has changed with not a good end.

Abe has been very ill and on me he has to depend.

I still feel blessed for our good life.

We are still a loving husband and wife.