In First Person: Rowing in Prospect Park led to a lifelong partnership

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In May of 1937, I was rowing on the lake of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, N.Y., with some of my friends. We noticed four girls

walking along the shore, and one of them was very attractive. We rowed over to them.

They had a camera and wanted to take a picture in a boat. My friends got out. I did not. A picture was taken with the attractive

girl partially sitting on my lap. I asked for her address and phone number. She refused. She "did not pick up boys in the park." I

told her that at least I should be able to see how the picture came out. She said, "Oh, that's different."

We were married two years later on May 27, 1939. I guess you can say that trust and belief in one another are important

ingredients, as are cooperation and compromise.

One of our great experiences was Frieda's participation in the 1993 Maccabbi games in Israel. That story was covered in the

Jewish Bulletin in June and July, 1993.