Nuptial nerves Theyre fairly common

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If pure nerves are your stumbling block, hopefully you will have prepared by having established a wholesome sleeping schedule, as well as eating properly and getting plenty of exercise.

Other questions may pop up concerning your decision to marry in the first place. Are you doing the right thing? Can you maintain your individuality? Will your marriage end up a divorce statistic?

The cold-feet syndrome is quite common. Mental health experts say the culprit is usually the fear of change.

If you're generally afraid to get married, then talk with your intended. Psychologists say 50 percent of a fear is alleviated once you discuss it openly. Find solutions together.

There are warning signs that the relationship isn't destined for the altar:

*You say to yourself that things will get better after the marriage.

*You have different views on life's decisions.

*The relationships is emotionally or physically abusive.

*Your fiancé makes big decisions without consulting you.