Young people meet match at Hebrew Home Purim fest

Can a young girl and a young man meet their future mate at the Hebrew Home for the Aged? We did, 57 years ago.

Rita's mother, Sophie Breslauer, drove some of the residents every month. She also invited many residents to her home for a coffee hour. Morton's father was on the board of directors of the Home. To show appreciation, the Home invited these two and other families to attend the Purim gala, which included professional entertainment and a dance.

Sophie "schlepped" Rita and Sol "schlepped" Morton to the party. Result: a marriage a few months later.

When our children were youngsters and announced to their friends that their parents met at the Old Peoples Home, they were asked, "How old are your parents?"

Now after 57 wonderful years, we are really old, but still happy.

To carry on the family tradition and to show appreciation and interest, Rita volunteered for 15 years at the Home before moving to San Mateo.