Chronology of bombings since 1993 Oslo Accords

April 6 — A 19-year-old member of Hamas carries out a suicide carbombing at a bus stop in the northern Israeli town of Afula. Eight people are killed and more than 50 are wounded.

April 13 — A Hamas suicide bomber detonates an explosion aboard an Israeli commuter bus in the central town of Hadera. Five Israelis are killed, another 30 are wounded.

Oct. 19 — A Hamas suicide bomber sets off an explosion on a Dan bus traveling north along Dizengoff Street in the heart of Tel Aviv's shopping district. The blast kills 22 people and wounds 42 others.

Nov. 12 — A Hamas suicide bomber riding a bicycle detonates an explosion at an army checkpoint near the Netzarim settlement in Gaza. Three Israeli soldiers are killed, 11 others are wounded.


Jan. 22 — Two Palestinian suicide bombers detonate explosions at the Beit Lid intersection between Netanya and the West Bank town of Tulkarm, killing 22 and wounding about 60. Islamic Jihad claims responsibility.

April 9 — A suicide bomber belonging to Islamic Jihad drives his explosive-laden van into an Egged bus near the Kfar Darom settlement in the Gaza Strip, blowing up the bus. Seven Israeli soldiers, along with American student Alisa Flatow, are killed in the bus explosion.

Two hours later, a Hamas suicide bomber attacks an Israeli convoy near the Netzarim settlement, blowing up an Israeli border police jeep, but succeeding in killing only himself. More than 50 people are wounded in both attacks.

July 24 — A suicide bomber blows up a Dan bus outside Tel Aviv's 40-story Diamond Exchange, killing six and wounding 32. Hamas claims responsibility, saying one of its members from the West Bank carried out the attack.

Aug. 21 — A Hamas suicide bomber detonates an explosion on the No. 26 bus in Jerusalem's northern neighborhood of Ramat Eshkol, killing four people and injuring more than 100. Among the dead is American Joan Davenny, 47, a teacher at a Jewish school in Woodbridge, Conn. and former San Francisco resident.

Nov. 2 — Two suicide bombers detonate explosions a minute apart near two buses in nearby locations in Gaza. Eleven Israelis are lightly wounded in the first attack, none in the second. The attacks are believed to come in retaliation for the Oct. 26 assassination of Islamic Jihad leader Fathi Shakaki in Malta. Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for both attacks.


Feb. 25 — Hamas suicide bomber blows up a No. 18 bus near Jerusalem's central bus station, killing 26 people and wounding 48 others. Americans Matthew Eisenfeld of Hartford, Conn., and Sara Duker of Teaneck, N.J., are among the dead.

Less than an hour later, a second Hamas suicide bomb explodes at a soldiers' hitchhiking station near Ashkelon, killing one and injuring 31 others. The two attacks are said to be in retaliation for the Jan. 5, 1996, slaying in Gaza of Yehiya Ayash, a Hamas fugitive known as "The Engineer" because of his expertise with explosives.

March 3 — A Hamas suicide bomber blows up a bus on Jerusalem's Jaffa Road, killing 19 people and leaving at least 9 wounded. The attack takes place on the same No. 18 bus line and almost at the same time as the previous week's attack.

March 4 — A suicide bomb is detonated in Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Center, killing 13, including children, and wounding at least 130 on the eve of Purim. Hamas claims responsibility.


March 21 — A Hamas suicide bomber detonates an explosion at the Cafe Apropos in central Tel Aviv, killing 3 Israelis and wounding 47 others.

July 30 — Two suicide bombers strike in the Mahane Yehuda open-air market in Jerusalem, claiming at least 12 victims and wounding at least 150 others. Hamas and Islamic Jihad claim responsibility.