Israels president offers Rosh Hashanah reflections

Rosh Hashanah this year coincides with Israel's 50th anniversary.

Much has been achieved during these 50 years. Millions of immigrants from the four corners of the earth have been successfully integrated into Israeli society. Israel stands at the forefront in science, technology and agriculture. Israel is recognized by most countries in the world, and their leaders are anxious to visit and learn from our experience.

All this must be borne in mind considering the 50 years of ongoing struggle for our very existence and for achieving peace with our neighbors.

This past year has had its full share of great tragedies. No matter how severe and painful the losses incurred, we must not become victims to helplessness and despondency.

We are in the midst of a very difficult and protracted process, with many painful contentions. However, just as peace treaties were concluded with Egypt and Jordan, I am convinced that, eventually, these, too, will be achieved with the Palestinians and our other neighbors.

You were always proud when Israel fought and won her battles. Now Israel is strong and she warrants no less your continued pride and support. The stronger we are and the greater in number, the easier it will be to achieve our aims.

I, once again, call on you, our brothers and sisters in the diaspora, to join us in creating a nation, a light unto the nations.

On Rosh Hashanah we pray for a better year to come, for peace and well-being and for the values we wish to see come true. Let us learn from the past and look ahead to a better future.

Shanah Tovah U'gemar Hatimah Tovah.

(May you have a good year and be inscribed in the Book of Life.)