In first person…On Dec. 24 ambulance journey, kids sing out with Jewish pride

As we drove to Peninsula Hospital, the paramedic asked Daniel what was on his wish list for Santa. He proudly said, "We are Jewish. Do you want to hear the `Dreidel Song?'" Almost at the same time the ambulance driver asked Benji what Santa was bringing to him. Benji said, "Santa is not in our family. We celebrate Chanukah. Do you want to know about the menorah?" By then, Daniel was singing the "Dreidel Song" and Jacob began to smile.

I felt reminded of all the miracles of everyday life as I watched the color return to Jacob's face and felt he would be OK. After several hours at the hospital, we were discharged with a diagnosis of "febrile seizure." As we were walking to the car, Jacob looked up at my husband and asked for some corned beef. As we sat in Brothers Delicatessen together, I felt grateful that our family was healthy and our sons took pride in their Judaism.