News dispatches from 50 years ago tell partition story

FLUSHING MEADOW, N.Y. Nov. 28 (JTA) — In a surprise move this afternoon, a few minutes before it was due to vote on partition, the U.N. General Assembly adopted a French resolution to postpone the final vote until tomorrow at 4 p.m. to allow for a last-minute attempt at Arab-Jewish conciliation.

With a two-thirds majority for partition virtually assured, Alexandre Parodi, chief of the French delegation at the U.N., sprang his resolution on the surprised delegates at the conclusion of the general debate, despite the fact that he had instructions from his government to vote for partition. The resolution was adopted 25 to 15 by a show of hands.

Jewish Agency leaders termed the French delegate's move a "fraud" aimed at postponing a favorable decision for partition and at giving the anti-partitionists more time to influence wavering delegates to vote against partition.

It also provides more time for the Arab delegates to press for the seating of a new Siamese representative to replace the original delegate who voted against partition in the Ad Hoc Committee on Palestine, but whose credentials were canceled for internal reasons by the new Siamese government — which remains opposed to partition.

Later, explaining his motives to a news conference, Parodi said the sole reason for his asking for a 24-hour postponement was the desire to "feel at ease" when he cast his vote — indicating that he will vote for partition. French circles interpreted his move as a face-saving device because of France's stake in its Muslim-inhabited territories.

Jews gather, waiting

JERUSALEM, Nov. 28 (JTA) — An estimated 80,000 members of the Haganah were today alerted to the defense of isolated Jewish settlements in Palestine as the 650,000 Jews of the country waited tensely for a final decision from Flushing Meadow, where the members of the U.N. General Assembly entered the last stages of the partition debate.

At the Wailing Wall, large crowds of Jews gathered to pray for Divine intervention for a two-thirds vote in favor of partition at the United Nations. Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog, who together with Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ben Zion Usiel had issued a call to the Jews to assemble at the Wailing Wall, led a special prayer which he had written for the occasion.

Synagogues were crowded throughout the day. The atmosphere of excitement and suspense which has reigned throughout the Jewish community for the past few days invaded even the houses of worship this evening. In the streets many persons could be seen buying quantities of blue-and-white cloth, preparing flags and bunting decorations to celebrate the anticipated event. The Palestine Broadcasting System had made special arrangements to broadcast a decision as late as 11 p.m. local time in English, Hebrew and Arabic.