Challah-making at JCC helps chef earn credential

"With Chanukah around the corner, we'll spend the next few weeks learning about latkes and other traditional foods. We'll make all different kinds of latkes, learn how and why the recipes developed and study the different cultures that each one came from," Kirshbaum said.

The Los Angeles native is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. His family moved to Marin County four years ago and Kirshbaum began to seriously explore a culinary career.

"I hope to work with the summer camp staff to develop a cooking specialty program for next summer here at the JCCSF. I have such fond memories of Camp Alonim in L.A. that the San Francisco center was a natural place for me to come," the young chef said.

Since Kirshbaum's arrival, children attending the Havurah Youth Center have been treated to healthy, nutritious snacks that they help Noah create. They've worked together to perfect their weekly challah recipe for Shabbat.

"I'm having a great time and the kids are really responding," Kirshbaum said. "Working at the JCC is just like coming home."