Second Cabinet member visits Pollard media come, too

JERUSALEM — Communications Minister Limor Livnat on Wednesday visited convicted spy Jonathan Pollard in the North Carolina jail where he is serving a life sentence for spying for Israel.

Livnat was the second Israeli cabinet minister to visit Pollard, a further signal of the government's changing attitude toward lobbying for his release.

In another shift, Israeli media were allowed to accompany Livnat on the visit to the jail in Butner, N.C. In remarks broadcast on Israel's Channel 2 television, Pollard expressed remorse for his actions.

"I am extremely sorry for what happened. I don't believe that anybody who has experienced what I have experienced over the past 13 years could feel anything but profound sorrow and remorse," Pollard said.

"As far as Jonathan Pollard is concerned, I hope he will serve as a cautionary tale for others who are under the mistaken impression that you can in a sense love two women simultaneously. You cannot."

Pollard, a former U.S. naval intelligence analyst, was convicted of providing Israel in the 1980s with classified information. Israeli leaders have maintained that Pollard acted without official Israeli sanction. Pollard has petitioned Israel's High Court of Justice to compel the government to recognize him as an agent who acted for the state.

Livnat brought with her a message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, extending regards to Pollard and expressing hope that he will be released.