Virtual burglars leave note on Knesset home page

JERUSALEM — In the "virtual" equivalent of a house burglary, the Knesset's Internet site was hacked into Tuesday of last week by a group calling itself the Israel Internet Underground.

The group left a note — in poorly written English — saying: "IIU hacked this page to prevent future security problems, we did it for no evil goals and some of this pages might be changed just cuase few reasons one of them is the credits of course.

"Also its importent to say we made BACKUP to the original homepage so no real damage happened and farther more our hackers leaded by Analyzer (HellNo) found & blocked 19 holes in the system!! (plus 1 remote hole after all how we got inside?:-})"

Among the changes made to the site (, was the additional comment: "The best president we ever had" under the picture of Ezer Weizman.

The Knesset is investigating the incident.

On Wednesday of last week, as part of the Knesset's birthday celebrations and the opening of the 50th anniversary celebrations, the Knesset's Internet site held a special Tu B'shevat program. Visitors planted a virtual forest while concurrently, real trees were planted in forests around the country.

Throughout the year the site will host chat groups on Zionism, forestry, urbanization, environment, and nature.