Hundreds expected to attend YAD seder for singles in S.F.

On Saturday April 11, the second night of Passover, YAD will be hosting the grandest Passover seder for singles in the Bay Area. Held at the ANA Hotel San Francisco — which is kashering its kitchen for the first time — the YAD seder is expected to draw some 500 people, a significant increase from last year's total of 300 guests.

Despite the large numbers, the feeling of this event will be intimate, says Stephanie Mordkin, this year's seder chair. Volunteers will greet guests at the door and help to arrange seating. And while a lead cantor will work the room with a roving microphone, each 10-person table will be led by a "table captain" who will host and facilitate a smaller service.

"In order to maintain the feeling of extended Jewish family, we have effectively created a seder within a seder," Bear said.

"Don't forget your pillows," she advised. "This seder may not be in your home, but there is no reason why it shouldn't feel like it." In keeping with the tradition of reclining at the Pesach table, and to create a comfortable setting, this year's seder committee has invited guests to bring pillows from home.

One of YAD's biggest outreach events, the seder is an event open to all. YAD sponsors a range of events which focus on social action, Judaic themes and outreach.

According to Lisa Tabak, YAD director, membership alone has doubled from 1,500 to 3,000 young singles in the past two years.

While meeting your future spouse is not the focus of a Passover seder, Mordkin says, it could happen. Jill and Gerald Kaufman met at a YAD seder four years ago.

YADs second night seder will be held at 8:15 p.m. Saturday, April 11 at the ANA Hotel San Francisco, 50 Third St. Couvert is $49. Reservations: (415) 436-0711.