Singles finding each other on Tuesdays

"And singles are meeting each other," Offenberg says.

But the pressure to find someone is not the focus the way it might be at a social event, such as a dance.

"People hear what each other has to say in a cerebral fashion," he explains. "There's no pressure. They walk out with something tangible. They've learned something."

Nevertheless, he notes, "many phone numbers get exchanged."

Average attendance at each meeting is between 15 to 30 individuals ranging in age from late 20s through late 40s, with about 80 percent being singles, Offenberg says.

Some of the topics already covered this month include "The Five Levels of Pleasure" and "Single and Thriving." On March 31, Ernie Hollander will present "The Holocaust — a Personal Story of Survival."

Cost for each session is $8 members, $10 non-members. For information, call Offenberg at (415) 292-1237.