U.S. asks Argentina to detain Croatian war camp head

According to a Croatian news report, Argentina has promised Croatia that it would comply with any extradition request once an official request is filed to extradite Sakic, who remains at large and is alleged to be in hiding.

At Jasenovac, Sakic allegedly oversaw the murder of more than 500,000 people during World War II, including 20,000 out of Croatia's prewar Jewish population of 25,000.

An expose on Sakic was aired on Argentina's Channel 13 last week. He was discovered and interviewed by an Argentine television crew in the seaside town of Santa Teresita.

Sakic, 76, admitted in the broadcast that he had served as commander of Jasenovac, but he denied that anyone was killed there under his watch.

"I don't know what happened before or after my command," said Sakic, "but while I was in charge the guards were not allowed to kill or mistreat the prisoners."