In first person…Child scolds store clerk

At the second store, as we were checking out, the clerk asked Lise if she were ready for Christmas. Again Lise replied, albeit a bit more loudly and less calmly, "We don't celebrate Christmas; we're Jewish." Once again, the clerk didn't respond except with a nod; I paid the bill; we left.

At the third store, as we were checking out, the question came again, "Are you all ready for Christmas?" This time, Lise drew herself up to her full height, planted her feet very firmly in as wide a stance as she could manage, put her hands on her hips, took a very deep breath and said in her mighty voice, "How many times do I have to tell people like you that we don't celebrate Christmas! We're Jewish!

The daughter about whom I am writing is now a proud, observant Jew in her 40s.