Whos Jewish on show It might surprise you

*Kramer, despite his name, is not Jewish. Cosmo made that very clear in one episode in which he was cooking for a Jewish singles event. When asked by a surprised Seinfeld why he was involved in the event, Kramer told Seinfeld that he wasn't Jewish but was helping out a friend.

In an interview, Kavet said the decision to diversify the characters' backgrounds was an attempt to make the show "more interesting."

Another Jewish trivia tidbit from "Seinfeld" is that the late Brandon Tartikoff was the only Jew of the three NBC executives to screen the pilot for the show in 1989. He was also the most powerful, so his declaration that the show was too Jewish almost prevented the show from ever airing, according to Kavet.

Not only that, but "Seinfeld" is also one of the most popular shows in Israel.