Mordechai Strigler, 76,editor of Yiddish Forward

After the war, he began writing furiously and prolifically for the next 53 years until his death. He chronicled the slave-labor camps and death factories in a six-volume Yiddish series called "Oysgebrente Likht," which means "Extinguished Candles."

In 1955, Strigler published two volumes called "Arm in Arm With the Wind," a historical novel about Jewish life in Poland in the 17th and 18th centuries.

His newspaper career began in Warsaw just before the war and flourished in Paris after the war. In France, he served as editor of Unzer Vort (Our Word), a Yiddish daily.

In 1978, Strigler was awarded the Itzik Manger Prize in Jewish Literature.

He became editor of the Yiddish Forward in 1987, following the retirement of Simon Weber, and he remained at the helm until last month.

In his lifetime he produced tens of thousands of dispatches, editorials, reviews and rabbinic responsa.

"The death of Strigler marks not only a sad transition for his colleagues on the Yiddish, Russian and English editions of the Forward but also a milestone in the area of Yiddish-language journalism and the literature of the Holocaust," the English-language Forward said in an obituary.