Grandparents authors to speak at Bonds luncheon

Margulies and Abrams have already visited several regional Israel Bonds events in the United States.

"The topic of our book is really relevant for Israel Bonds since it is such a family-oriented organization," said Abrams, who lives in Los Angeles.

Abrams, who became a grandmother only a few months ago, said one of the inspirations for the book came from watching her own parents become grandparents and the effect it had on the whole family.

"I started to see my parents in a different way," she said. "I saw sides of my father I'd never seen before. The parent-child relationship is much different than parent-grandchild one."

Abrams and Margulies' book contains 50 short memoirs of family relations two generations apart. Included in the book is a short segment of the emotional eulogy of Yitzhak Rabin's granddaughter saying goodbye to her grandfather.

Abrams said she and Margulies, both Jewish, particularly enjoy hearing about the variety of roles grandparents take on in the family.

Abrams cited some of the roles of grandparents as teachers, holders of tradition, family archivists, role models and child-raisers. She also said "grandparents are the ones that can bring everyone back into the family."

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