Hartford U. revokes Jewish frats charter over hazing

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WEST HARTFORD, Conn. — The men of the Eta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi no longer have a frat to call their own.

The University of Hartford's chapter lost its charter last month after an investigation by Alpha Epsilon Pi, a national Jewish fraternity.

David Terdiman, chapter adviser and Hartford Hillel Foundation executive director, said he could not release details. However, he acknowledged that the violation concerned hazing.

Jacqueline Weiner, coordinator of Greek activities for University of Hartford, said the incident took place at the end of last semester. The investigation was conducted this fall.

"The national organization was informed. They came in, did their interviews and thought they needed to close the chapter," she said.

Weiner asserts the decision to revoke the charter was fair.

"I feel there is a group of men who know they made some bad choices, who are basically good guys. I think the national organization should have worked with them to help them turn their chapter around," she said.

"The national organization usually doesn't have much contact with their members. They're not here day-to-day. It's very easy for them to come in and see the bad and not see all the good."

However, Terdiman said the allegations were serious.

"Hazing in any form is inappropriate. It's against the law and it's wrong," he said. "Whatever form that may have taken place, this chapter had to face the consequences. And this is the consequence.

"I was satisfied that when the issue of hazing came up, national took it seriously and they should be commended for that."

Some of the chapter members were recommended for expulsion from the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, Terdiman said. Others, who were more cooperative with the investigation, will be considered fraternity alumni.

Terdiman was pleased with the way the students dealt with the investigation.

"The brothers in AEPi handled themselves very well. These were serious allegations and they handled themselves admirably. There was a lot of ambiguity. There was tremendous disappointment in the chapter."