Salon seeks kibbitzer, Jewish hair

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NEWTON, Mass. (JTA) — Working on the marketing philosophy that "you don't speak Spanish to Germans," a Boston salon is lining up a professional "kibbitzer" to drum up Jewish clientele.

The Dellario Salon's ad in a recent issue of a Boston Jewish newspaper seeking "a kibbitzer" is part of an aggressive campaign aimed at Jewish customers, according to Jordan Ferraro, senior vice president of marketing and media relations at Dellaria Salons.

In looking to attract area residents — many of whom are Jewish — Ferraro, himself of Sephardi background, said he searched his roots.

"The `kibbitzer' in the shtetl was the jester that brought everyone together through humor and human contact and spinning village weaves," he said with an exuberance of his own.

According to Ferraro, they "were looking for someone to give the salon an ambiance and make people feel at home."

He described the woman who had responded to the advertisement and whom the salon was in the process of hiring as "full of humor and zest," a person who "puts your mind and soul at ease. You want to invite her home to supper with you."

The official role of the "kibbitzer," according to Ferraro, will be "to facilitate the customer's entrance into the salon, act as a go-between, set them up for service, talk about the products, give advice, make life easier, smile and laugh."

Despite the Jewish twist, Ferraro felt non-Jewish customers would respond to the "kibbitzer" with equal energy because of "the universality of that kind of woman that makes everyone happy and makes everyone feel good.

"The sheer radiance of warmth," he asserts, "can melt away all dividing lines."