New Israeli ministers include woman, rabbi, Arab

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*Amnon Lipkin-Shahak of the Center Party as tourism minister.

*Rabbi Michael Melchior of Labor/One Israel as minister of diaspora relations and social affairs.

*Matan Vilna'i of Labor/One Israel as science minister, which will in the next few weeks become culture, science and sports minister.

*Yael "Yuli" Tamir as immigration absorption minister.

Tamir, the second woman in Barak's cabinet, was the subject of much debate. Tamir, who was a founder of Peace Now, is a professor of education at Tel Aviv University. She holds a doctorate from Oxford and has held various posts in the Labor Party.

Barak also announced the names of the eight new deputy ministers including Nawaf Masalha of Labor/One Israel to the Foreign Ministry.

It is the highest-ranking appointment of an Israeli Arab in Israel's history.

As Masalha's appointment was announced by Barak, Ahmed Tibi — an Israeli Arab Knesset member with the Balad Party — shouted out his disapproval that Masalha is only a deputy minister and there is still no Arab minister.

Foreign Minister David Levy said the appointment shows that all Israeli citizens can participate in the institutions of the state.

"I have no doubt that his personality and ability will have a positive effect in Israel's domestic and foreign arenas," he said.