Yad Vashem reprints ghetto artists book

On the cover, Bedrich Fritta drew a half-naked little boy, standing on a black trunk and peering through the window at a sapling outside.

"Tomickovi," he wrote in Czech across the cover, together with the date and place.

Bedrich and Hansi Fritta perished in the Holocaust, but their little boy survived. He was adopted by another artist, Leo Haas, and wife Erna Haas who survived Theresienstadt.

Today, he divides his time between Prague and Germany.

The album was hidden and survived the war. Earlier this summer, Thomas Fritta was on hand in Jerusalem to view two editions of that picture book published by Yad Vashem. They were presented to Reuma Weizman, the wife of Israel's president.

One edition, called Tomi's Book in Hebrew, is meant for use in teaching kindergarten and first-grade children about the Holocaust and comes with a special educational kit. The other is meant for adults.

Weizman has long been tied to child survivors. In 1947 and 1948, she volunteered to work with orphans and other young survivors who were sent to the estate of Blankenese in Germany before finding new homes.