Ezer Weizman message seeks to inspire children in New Year and future

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On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, we are hoping the peace process will lead us, within a reasonable period of time, to peace between Israel and her neighbors.

This coming year will be one in which crucial decisions will have to be taken, decisions which will influence the lives of the people of Israel and the character of the country for many years to come.

The end of the Israeli Arab conflict is something we have dreamed of since the establishment of the state and even long before that.

It will allow the country's leaders to devote all their energy and resources to education, to strengthening the economy, fighting crime and to the absorption of new immigrants.

In educating our youth, we must redouble our efforts to instill in them a sense of peoplehood and unity while, at the same time, inspiring our children with our rich and eternal traditions, the Hebrew language and culture. I pray for the day when our education budget will exceed our defense budget.

As we look ahead to the coming year and hope for a brighter future,

I would, once again, like to call on you, our brothers and sisters in the diaspora, to join us in the Land of Israel.

In an era of peace, Israel can offer its people a life of greater stability, spiritual enrichment and personal fulfillment. We will continue to strive for stronger relations between Israel and the Jewish communities in the world and hope for the fulfillment of the prayer: "Sound the great horn for our freedom; lift up the ensign to gather our exiles and gather us together from the four corners of the earth."

Shanah Tovah U'gemar Hatimah Tovah.