Online teaching tool designed to enhance Russian Jewish life

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The magazine will appear six times a year, covering themes such as Jewish family education, holiday observances, computer-aided education, Holocaust education and Judaic education.

Jerome Hochbaum, the foundation's executive vice president, said the 46 schools represent "the entire gamut of Jewish life" in the former Soviet Union — Zionist, communal and secular schools, as well as religious schools ranging from Orthodox to Reform.

A major endowment from Holocaust reparations received from Germany in the 1950s is the primary funding for the foundation's activities

Hochbaum is enthusiastic about the potential impact of the magazine on Jewish community revival.

"In most diaspora communities, the schools reflect the community," he said. In the former Soviet Union, "the schools are creating the community."

He added that the magazine will be a "wonderful new resource for professional and lay educators, parents and children, and anyone interested in knowing more about Jewish heritage.

"The magazine will make Jewish learning enjoyable and accessible" with no "political or religious leaning."