Wye and Sharm accords — whats the difference

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"Deep in our hearts, there is deep pain," Prime Minister Ehud Barak said Wednesday after the cabinet vote. "But we are also a responsible government that knows that for the purpose of ensuring the future, sovereignty and power of Israel, we must make difficult, sometimes painful decisions, to separate from the Palestinians for peace."

Here are some of the main differences between Wye and Sharm:


Wye. Israel was supposed to withdraw from 13 percent of the West Bank in three stages, over a period of three months. Since there has already been a 2 percent withdrawal, this leaves 11 percent. Some 3 percent of the remaining pullback was to take place in the Judean Desert. That area was to become a nature reserve, with no building allowed.

Sharm. Israel will hand over the remaining 11 percent in three stages, instead of in two. Next week, Israel will redeploy from 7 percent of the West Bank, with the next two withdrawals on Nov. 15 and Jan. 20. There will apparently be no Judean Desert nature reserve, and the areas handed over will be more contiguous.


Wye. Israel was supposed to release 750 prisoners; 250 were already released, leaving 500 to go. Of those remaining, the Israeli government was considering releasing 102 security prisoners and filling the rest of the quota with common criminals.

Sharm. Israel will release 350 security prisoners, in two phases. About 200 were to be released yesterday, and the rest on Oct. 8. The two sides agree to talk in December about an additional release, but no numbers are suggested.


Wye. A committee to discuss the opening of the port was to be established.

Sharm: Planning for port to begin immediately, while actual building — with certain security restrictions — could start in October.


Wye. Committees to continue working.

Sharm. Southern route (Gaza-Tarkumia adjacent to Hebron) to open in October, pending a protocol agreement, and negotiations to continue on a northern route (Gaza-Ramallah area).


Wye. No mention.

Sharm. Shuhada Street will reopen in two stages, the first of which has already been carried out and the second which will be done no later than Oct. 30. The Hasbahe market will be opened no later than Nov. 1. Committee will review the situation at the Cave of the Patriarchs.


Wye. Palestinians to implement security working paper, arrest those on list wanted by Israel, collect weapon and cut down police force.

Sharm. Same demands.


Wye. Does not contain a specific target date for concluding talks.

Sharm. Within five or six months, the two sides should negotiate the outlines of a final-status agreement and on Sept. 10, 2000, the accord should be concluded. No unilateral steps to be taken during this time.