Law of Return will not change, cabinet minister vows

But Tamir, echoing the Israeli prime minister's recent statements, said no plans were in the works.

"Our government is not going to alter it. Ehud Barak said that the law will not be changed as long as he is prime minister, and I agree with him," she said.

The countries that made up the Soviet Union provide the largest influx of Jewish immigrants to Israel each year. This year, the number of such immigrants is expected to be around 60,000.

On her visit, Tamir also met the head of the Russian Immigration Service, Vladimir Kalamanov.

She also examined the operations of Israeli organizations working with potential Jewish emigres, adding that she wants to increase the number of Hebrew classes for potential immigrants before they leave Russia.

"Too many immigrants in Israel don't have a command of Hebrew even after several years in the country," she said.