Uruguayan boy wins trip to Disney, but he really wants kosher Big Mac

Kacowicz's winning entry offered ideas for how to better the lives of the elderly, suggesting programs that would enable them to share their life experiences with the rest of society.

As a contest winner, he is receiving an eight-day trip to Florida's Walt Disney World next May.

He recently appeared at a presentation ceremony in Montevideo, where he spoke on behalf of the seven other winners from Uruguay.

Standing in front of a packed room of reporters, representatives of the contest's three sponsors and officials from the Uruguay elementary school system, Sruli wore his yarmulke, tzitzit and school uniform.

After thanking the sponsors, his parents and his school, the youth offered a modest request.

Could McDonald's open a kosher fast-food restaurant in Montevideo similar to the one in Buenos Aires?

The McDonald's representatives, caught off guard, responded that they would see what could be done about fulfilling his request.