You, too, can volunteer on Super Sunday

Coming to a computer screen near you — Super Sunday.

It was bound to happen. With the Internet wave rising rapidly, how could the S.F.-based Jewish Community Federation ignore the possibilities?

So this Sunday when a JCF volunteer calls and asks for your annual contribution, you can point your Web browser to and watch the volunteers in action at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco.

It's worth taking a few minutes to glance at the Web site and see how Super Sunday happens. The faces you'll see on your screen are not salaried employees. They are volunteers — 1,000 strong — who give up a day with their families to help build our Jewish community.

Lately we've read too many headlines about paid solicitors siphoning off money meant for charities in California. However, approximately 89 cents of every dollar raised by the JCF goes directly to programs and services. The remaining 11 cents covers the organization's administrative costs. Volunteer solicitors are just that — they get paid with bags of M&Ms for their long hours.

But when it comes to Super Sunday, we are all volunteers whether or not we staff the Super Sunday phone banks. All of us are being asked to volunteer our hard-earned dollars to help fellow Jews.

Most of the money raised by JCF stays right here in the Bay Area, helping 50 agencies including the Bureau of Jewish Education, the JCCs, Jewish Family and Children's Services, Jewish Vocational Service, the Jewish Home and others. And a portion of your donation goes to Israel and to relief efforts for Jews still stranded in unfriendly nations.

So when your phone rings, make a gift — a better gift than you made last year. If for some reason you don't get the call, go to the Web page and make a gift with your credit card or call a volunteer at (415) 345-0061.

And then watch the totals rise on the Super Sunday Web page, knowing that your donation makes a real difference.