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NEW YORK (JTA) — A Jewish feminist group that sent out provocative Rosh Hashanah cards and advertisements last fall has resurfaced for Purim.

The New York-based Jewish Women Watching, which operates anonymously, is distributing to various Jewish agencies groggers bearing the slogan "drown out sexism."

The noisemakers are accompanied by a card that states Esther "spoke on behalf of the entire Jewish people," while contemporary American Jewish women are underrepresented on boards of Jewish organizations and suffer from sexual harassment in the workplace.

Law tries to halt sale of technology to Iran

WASHINGTON (JTA) — President Clinton signed into law this week a bill targeting any foreign entity that shares with Iran technology related to missiles or weapons of mass destruction.

Countries that violate the Iran Nonproliferation Act will either face U.S. sanctions, or the president will have to report to Congress his reasons for not taking action.

Militants protest at first lady's home

NEW YORK (JTA) — About 20 Jewish militants demonstrated Sunday outside the suburban New York home of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The protesters denounced Clinton's support for the Middle East peace process and claimed she opposes freeing Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life sentence for passing U.S. military secrets to Israel.

The demonstrators belonged to Kach and Kahane Chai, which are on the State Department list of terrorist organizations.

U.S. lawmakers urge Putin to fight racism

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Ninety-eight U.S. senators and 92 U.S. representatives have signed a letter to acting Russian President Vladimir Putin expressing their concern over the rise in anti-Semitism at the national and local levels of Russian society and politics.

"Anti-Semitism in Russia must not become a weapon in the struggle for power by political parties," Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) said.

L.A. museum probes painting for Nazi ties

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is investigating whether a 15th-century painting of the Madonna and child was looted by the Nazis from Holocaust victims.

The work, a panel painted around 1425, was sold by Nazi art dealer Hans Wendland, according to the museum..