Stormy weather in Jerusalem

CNN spokeswoman Edna Johnson said that its decision to place Jerusalem back in the Israel category this week was "not a political statement, nor is it indicative of a change in CNN policy toward Jerusalem or Israel or any other country. We don't take those kinds of stands. Our goal is to be objective."

The restored Web page now contains an asterisk next to "Jerusalem, Israel," with a note on the bottom that reads, "The status of Jerusalem, the seat of Israeli government, is the most contentious issue in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Palestinian and Arab leaders consider part of Jerusalem the capital of the prospective Palestinian state."

"We hope [the note] leads to some understanding of our position," said Johnson.

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in a statement that the ADL is "disappointed that continues to find a need to qualify the status of Jerusalem with a gratuitous politically oriented explanation."

The American Jewish Congress also lodged a complaint, calling on CNN Tuesday to remove the asterisk.

CNN Interactive, which removed Jerusalem from under the Israel category back in February, had denied that it was taking sides in the Middle East conflict, and said the move was part of a network-wide decision not to refer to Jerusalem as a part of Israel.

"Jerusalem is a city that is under dispute, and this is something we don't want to be considered taking sides on," Scott Woelfel, president and editor-in-chief of CNN Interactive, said earlier this week. The decision was made after examining how other organizations, including the United Nations, refer to Jerusalem, he said.

The sovereignty of Jerusalem is a main sticking point in Mideast peace negotiations.